Introducing Thumos Editorial Codes and Colors

When two or more people work together in collaboration and write the same text as part of some deliverable (defined by #thumos12H4), anyone may highlight some text using Thumos Editorial Codes and Colors, which are listed and explained on the page,

Normal text is in black and not highlighted at all. When necessary, you may revise the normal text without warning. Normal text will be included as is in the deliverable. [TBD]When you finish writing some text but want others to discuss with  you about it, highligh the text in pink and place it between the starting and ending tag TBD as shown hereby.[/TBD] If you want only two specific individuals to discuss the text, attach their names to the ending tag. [TBD]For example, John and Jane need to talk about this text.[/TBD:John&Jane] You cannot revise the pink text until so decided in a discussion.

When you want others to notice the new text, use the NEW tag. [NEW]For example, this text is new.[/NEW] You can always attach a name to the ending tag and let others know who did it or who should be involved. [NEW]For example, this was inserted by John.[/NEW:John] When necessary, you may revise the new text without warning. In that case, do not keep it in blue any longer.

When you want to expose and share some text but do not want others to touch it, you can use the green OK tag. [OK]For example, John this working on this sentence and he does not need any help from others.[/OK:John] The color green means that things are running, going well. Your involvement is not needed. It is here in green because you may need that still-incomplete information for your current task. [OK]Blue text on light-green background should have the same meaning.[/OK:John]


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