Seeking Help to Build from Scratch the Thumos Sales Organization

Ri4C | HR | Sales & Marketing | TSO

As of 7/24/2017, Nickantony Quach is seeking help to build from scratch the Thumos Sales Organization (TSO). The first product in consideration is THUMOS1731, which is the second edition (August 2017) of the book THUMOS, written by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach.  The first edition (February 2017) was published in Providence by Ri4C of Rhode Island.

THUMOS is a groundbreaking book for humanity; it is onboarding for humanity. Onboarding is the mechanism through which new members of an organization acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational insiders. When the organization is humanity as a whole, its onboarding process is spelled out by this book. THUMOS is a necessary framework for every member of our humanity because it provides a dialect for trading perspectives in your spoken language in order to achieve greater prosperity for all.

Our first target audience is college students in Rhode Island, and those in a number of universities across the U.S; see this listing. It makes sense for us to ask few of those students for help in building from scratch our Thumos Sales Organization (TSO).


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