The Thumos Love Story

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Precursor to Thumoslang

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January 28th, 2018

One thousand years ago, a sea captain Domiyat traveled from the Middle East to the Far East and successfully reopened diplomatic relations between Egypt and China that had been lost for more than a century. One thousand years from now, perhaps a space captain will travel from the Middle Arm to the Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy to open diplomatic relations between our humankind and another equally advanced beings collectively known as the humaltkind. They look like us in many ways but they look differently from us in many other ways. The humalt are basically human alternatives. One day, during a diplomatic mission, a humaltian asked the human captain, “What is the anthem for your humankind?”

“Imagine,” replied the captain, “the song by John Lennon.”

“How did that song attain such a status?” asked the humalt.

On the evening of Friday, November 13th, 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, France and the city’s northern suburb, Saint-Denis. Davide Martello was watching the France vs. Germany soccer game at a pub in Konstanz, Germany when the bombing began at the Stade de France. Hours later, he embarked upon a 400-mile road trip to Paris with his grand piano. On arrival the next day, the 34-year-old pianist towed his grand piano by bicycle to a place not far from the Bataclan Theater where 89 people were killed in the terror attack, carrying out an impromptu performance which gathered a large crowd. “I wanted to be there to try and comfort, and offer a sign of hope,” said Martello. “I can’t bring people back but I can inspire them with music and when people are inspired they can do anything. That’s why I played ‘Imagine’.”

Those words, indeed, captured the imagination of Nickantony Quach and his cowriter, Mark Canny, and inspired them to conjure even more efforts to finish their work long before their group prematurely run out of steam. In their book, they wrote, “as expressed by John Lennon, ‘a brotherhood of man’, represents the ultimate vision for humankind. Any notion of instilling global togetherness would require all members of humanity to be on the same page, not only about how to treat one another but also how to create our selves and grow together. This book, born out of such inspiration, aims to be a small step toward that vision and attempts to answer the following question.”

“What is the text that we could use as a foundation for personal growth and global togetherness simultaneously? To be such a standard, the material must be relevant and clear enough such that parents, or heads of household and other leaders, would want members of their family, group or organization to use it as a basis in all they do. To be such a standard, every person should find the material useful to their life and practical in their daily rituals and routines. This includes students and adults at every age.”

“The material in this book shows us how to achieve social and professional success without sacrificing global togetherness. By using an unambiguous nomenclature, this book gives the reader the ability to hold concepts in place and keep their idea static so that we all can objectively explore them in depth, navigating complex social phenomena in pursuit of happiness, recognition, and freedom. As the result, this book is about the absolute minimum common background for” every member of our humanity. A little over a year after the impromptu performance in Paris by Davide Martello, the book was published under the title, “THUMOS Adulthood, Love & Collaboration”. It turned out to be the first book of thumos.

Originally, thumos is a Greek word expressing the concept of “spiritedness”. The word indicates a physical association with breath or blood and is also used to express the human desire for recognition. However, in 2015, the word Thumos was chosen by Mike Vanseveren (center, in tank top) to name his three-member group as Thumos 3 whose purpose is to write the first book of thumos. In the following picture, from left to right, Nickantony, Mike, and Mark  were on a ferry from Providence to Newport, Rhode Island, on Independence Day 2017 to celebrate the release of their first book of thumos.

As shown in the following picture, their celebration ended with a nice meal in Wayland Square, where the group was formed.

All the terms defined the  first book of thumos make up an effective nomenclature for trading perspectives with social precision at the highest possible level,  never before available. This nomenclature is casually referred to as the Thumos language. Its power can be demonstrated by how serious love could then be efficiently expressed and effectively discharged using the text string, “fb . com / thumos love” (no spaces and no quotes), as explained hereby. Instead of casually repeating the cliché, “I love you”, we can now convey a stronger message of love by sending the following text string to our target of love: When the text is selected, or clicked on, our loved one is brought to this web location and presented with the following image:

Referred to as the Facebook Thumos Love Shortcut, the text string,, is a serious love message because, after clicking on it, the target of love would want to pay full attention to the expanded message on the linked page and see that it is not intended to amuse but, instead, to explain precisely what further steps the originator of love will carry out in order to fulfill the promise of love. In verbatim, the Thumos Love Expanded Message includes the following text:

I sent you the link,, to say, ‘I love you’. That means, as explained in #ThumosBook, I promise you that “I will not interfere, reject, or oppose the nurturing of your ideals, and I will care for the nurturing of those ideals.”

The highest level of seriousness in the promise of love could not be expressed cogently in such a short text message before the book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, was published. This book is the first to spell out fully a serious definition of love, in Chapter 6 Reciprocation. This definition of love is much more serious because it is much more practical and cogent than all others that came before.

The above Thumos Love Expanded Message is composed using the Thumos language. This is the first widespread use of the Thumos language. The message recipient, i.e. the target of love, should immediately (1) understand the complete meaning of love, (2) see how serious the originator of love is in the loving, (3) know what the originator of love will do to fulfill the promise of love, and, hopefully, (4) realize that the promise of love cannot be fulfilled unless the target of love discloses personal ideals including an explicit expression of the ideal self.

The cogent answer to the question of what love is, is one of the greatest achievement in creativity for the first book of thumos.  Creativity itself has four elements. To be sure, first, let’s clarify the concept of element. An element of a concept is an essential ingredient necessary for the existence of the concept. For example, a grilled cheese sandwich requires two things: bread and cheese. If either bread or cheese is missing, after the cooking, the resulting dish would not be called a grilled cheese sandwich. The four essential ingredients for creativity are the utility, the surprise, the originality, and the beauty. In other words, if something is to be creative, it has to be useful, unexpected, original, and nice.

Walking, for example, is an action that requires three elements: the pulling, the shifting, and the dropping of your legs. The result of the action walking is a new location for the body of the actor who carries out the action. Walking in place is not walking because it does not involve the shifting of your legs and thus its result is not that of walking. The body is not moved elsewhere by walking in place.

The first book of thumos claims that love is an action, which is broken down into its elements in a similar fashion, as done above for the grilled cheese sandwich or for the action of walking.

  • The elements of love as enumerated and defined by the first book of thumos are useful because, with them, you can figure out how to discharge your power of love systematically.
  • These elements of love, according to thumos, are one of the biggest surprises to our humanity because love was, before 2017, never so well quantified and so cogently defined.
  • These elements of love, according to thumos, are original because they are the first ever to spell out precisely what to do and what not to do in order to deliver the result of loving systematically.
  • These elements of love, according to thumos, are beautiful because they can be easily accepted as part of every religion, every culture in any part of the world.

Because these elements of love are useful, unexpected, original, and nice, they are one of the greatest achievements in creativity for the 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

For centuries thereafter, almost all members of our humankind understand how to discharge their power of love systematically. This makes thumos the word that changed the world. It was thumos that explained cogently how our humankind could have a systematic approach to the attainment of world peace down to the level of the individual, not just within a marriage but also, equally important, within self-love.

“Thanks to Davide Martello the pianist extraordinaire,” said the space captain to the humalt, “the thumos inspiration resulted from his words and his impromptu performance turned the song Imagine into the anthem for our humanity”.

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